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The Mobile Phone - By Joshua Appiah


The mobile phone, also known as a cellular phone, is a common device of the 21st century. Almost everybody owns one, therefore making it one of the best technologies in the world.

A mobile phone serves an important purpose in society today. It makes communication easy and saves time and money involved in travelling long distances to relay information. With it, one can reach anybody in any part of this world without an iota of sweat. In addition, a mobile phone gives easy access to information.

In a matter of seconds or minutes, one can surf the internet and get easy access to any information one desires to enhance one’s research or work. Furthermore, a mobile phone serves as a source of entertainment. For instance, if one feels bored, one can easily download movies or music on the internet to entertain oneself.

There are also other applications like games and social sites one can go on one’s phone to enjoy oneself.

Even though the mobile phone is one of the most fun technologies ever invented, it can also be very dangerous to mankind. It leads to health hazard such as emitting radiations that affect the human ear over a period of time.

It has even been speculated that long use of it could cause some sort of cancer as a result of the heat emission.  Its victims are people who spend long hours making call. Also, pupils and students who are addicted to it hardly spend time with their books and this makes them perform poorly at school.

As they do not want to fail, they engage in all unacceptable acts like storing information on mobile phones and sneaking them into exam halls. Some schools were caught in this uncouth practice in the past 2013 Basic Education Certificate Examination and the students’ results withheld till further notice.

Again, immoral acts such as people lying about their locations if they cannot meet with an appointment, watching of uncensored videos and pornography by both children and adults as well as promotion of amorous talks and what is called “Phone Sex” have really become a canker eating into the fabric of society. Oh, where is this world towing now!


Weighing the pros and cons of the mobile phone, one would utterly agree that it is causing more harm than good, but as it has become a necessary evil, my only advice is that we should be circumspect in our use of it.