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Primary School


The primary land of this noble institution comprises Grade 1 – 6 with two streams at each level. The pupils are within the ages 6 – 11 and the class sizes are manageable with no more than 25 pupils and a facilitator.

 The department is sub-divided into lower and upper primary. The instruction modules for the lower primary are packed with fun activities that enable pupils to learn both consciously and unconsciously.

The upper primary (the grooming stage) serves as a preparatory ground for potential junior High Students. Here, pupils are taught by specialist teachers in the following subjects: English language, Mathematics, French language, ICT, Art, Music and ‘Values and Ethics’

Aside this, the department makes provision for pupils who can not keep pace with the class to have special lessons in the school’s academic clinic without interruption of regular sessions. Also, daily reports are written about pupils to monitor performances for proper diagnoses so as to address deficiencies.

These, coupled with audio-visual learning aids provide pupils with in-depth understanding of lessons.

As it is our priority to uphold holistic development of the children, the department has provided modern furniture to give full comfort to pupils in the course of learning. Further more, the school has engaged the service of a child psychologist to counsel pupils in making informed decisions on issues regarding their development. 

Startrite is a place for holistic development of children therefore we heartily extend a hand of welcome to all parents to enroll their wards.

Best wishes, 

(Headteacher -Primary land)