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A Robbery I Witnessed - By David Oloko (2013 Batch)


The candle burning behind me in my dark and increasingly stuffy room was doing no good to my comfort. So I went up to the window to open it and look over the almost pitch black community as the Electricity Company of Ghana had annoyingly put the lights out once again.

But while looking at the jewellery store across the street, I saw all its lights go off, which was very unusual because they always had their generator on during “light off”. All of a sudden, came a torch which cast upon the well-curtained window pane, the silhouette of three huge figures holding what looked like guns.

Smelling a rat, I craned my neck to peer through the half-shut window and there they were,two stout men both clad in black. One was holding the cashier at gunpoint,and from the stern look on his face and what seemed like threatening I deduced he could be warning the cashier not to try anything funny else he would have himself to blame. The latter was busy ransacking the shelves and bagging priceless jewels.

picked up the phone all the same, and no sooner than that, I could hear and see sirens and lights approaching the shop. The lookout hurriedly informed the other two, who had also heard the sirens. The man holding the cashier at gunpoint hastily hit the cashier with the butt of his gun leaving him either dead or unconscious.

Impetuously, theyran out through the back of the store with the jewels in their possession. Although I could not see them, I was determined not to let them out of my sight. By this time, the police cars were here and with the assistance of the headlights I could just make them out running into the forest which was about a hundred metres behind the store.


This is all I can recall on what I saw. I am rather sure the criminals had a getaway car left on the main road.

 By David Oloko (2013 Batch)