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‘Nuclear family is better than the extended family' - by Ama Kwaa Armah for a school debate


Mr. Chairman, Well-meaning Panel of Judges, Impartial Timekeeper, Teachers, Fellow Debaters ,Students ,Ladies and Gentlemen, I deem it an honour and great pleasure done me to stand on this platform before you all to declare my posture on the subject: Nuclear family is better than the extended family. 

Family, Mr. Chairman, is a group of people who are related by blood, marriage or adoption. Families can be classified into two main forms and both forms are practised in Ghana .

Mr. Chairman, in my opinion, the extended family is better than the nuclear family. Though the extended family sometimes gives rise to conflicts, interference in other people’s affairs as my opponents argued, it is the best family system that you can ever have and I am sure by the time I am done, you will all be left with no other option than to rally behind me.

Mr. Chairman, the extended family helps people to pull their resources together.  That is the extended family members allow the well-to-do in the family to pull their resources in the form of money or material things to assist the poor in the family. They use their resources to undertake economic and social activities such as outdooring ceremonies, educating the brilliant but needy members, and rehabilitating the family house. What is more lovely than love and care?

Mr. Chairman, the extended family system leads to continual existence of the family. It is practically impossible and never will be possible that an extended family will die out completely. This is because the family consists of many nuclear members who give birth to replenish and sustain the family. But the nuclear family becomes threatened with collapse or extinction if family members die in a motor accident or through other causes.

Mr. Chairman there is effective socialization among members and the community. The extended family serves as an effective means of inculcating norms , values , and beliefs in the family members. The older generation pass on information and skills to the new generation and the information is passed on to the next generation. In this case everybody, is a winner! .

Mr. Chairman, Esteemed Panel of Judges , Accurate Timekeeper, Teachers ,Fellow Debaters, Students , Ladies and Gentlemen , I rest my case!


Ama Kwaa Arma( 2014 Batch)