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About Startrite Montessori School


Startrite Montessori School was conceived as a private teaching and learning facility by a couple (Prof. and Mrs Quartey) who recognized with passion, the stress of finding the right educational facility for children and also child care for professional parents returning to work.

The thought of leaving behind one's offspring with 'not-too-sure' child minders often saddens the heart of working parents. Having lived and worked in Britain and also after considerable review of the child care system in Ghana, the directors recognized the urgent need to provide a not too large but quality child care facility for mothers returning to work and also for children born to professional parents. It is against this background that Startritre was established. Situated at New Bortianor near Trouselina Roofing sheets on the Mallam-Kasoa Road, Startrite provides a serene environment for educating your child using the Montessori system. It combines activities, video and computer games with classroom lessons to develop all the different parts of your child's brain which most traditional schools have woefully failed to do..

Mission Statement

To equip young children with the requisite knowledge and support needed to grow into responsive and responsible adults and to provide knowledgeable students ready to pursue higher education.


To provide a safe and conducive learning environment for children from pre-school to Junior High School by employing practical and relevant up-to-date teaching materials. This is coupled with tutoring from qualified and experienced teachers to help bring out the unique talents of young children to their fullest potential.


The opening of the school was planned to coincide with the peak of the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of mother Ghana. The school was officially opened on Tuesday, 18th September, 2007.


The school has two sites; the pre-school site and the Primary and JHS site. These sites are equipped with computer facilities, playground, and 30 classrooms for children aged 3 months to JHS level. Both sites are located on the same street and this facilitates fluid transportation. We also provide an after school Club for parents who cannot pick their kids during the normal closing hours for a modest fee.

Extra Curricular

There are planned activities such as after-school clubs, weekend and vacation activities (open to all) to divert the energies of school children into productive use while relieving working parents of the worry of the safety of their children.


The school is owned and managed by Prof. Peter Quartey (an Economist) and Mrs. Alice Quartey (an Accountant) both working with Ghana's premier university. Read more about Startrite management

Our Vision

To provide world class basic education.